We Came Through

	We came through
	We came riding through like warriors from afar
	Our black horses danced upon the graves of yesterday's desires
	Haunted by our visions framed in fire
	I grieve you
	For you still believe in what's behind the door
	You've seen children freeze upon their knees and prayin' to the wind
	To send their grey Madonnas back again
	         G          F                                  G
	Fire the guns and salute the men who died for freedom's sake
	          F                              E
	And we'll weep tonight but we won't lie awake
	A                               B
	Gazing up at statues dressed in stars
	         E              A                              E
	We won't dream for they don't come true for us, not anymore
	            A                              G
	They've run far away to hide in caves with haggard burning eyes
	      F                               B7     C7
	Their icy voices tear our hearts like knives
	We came through
	Like the Gothic monsters perched on Notre Dame
	We observed the naked souls of gutters pouring forth mankind
	Smothered in an avalanche of time
	And we're giants
	      Gb                                        Ab
	As we watch our kings and countries raise their shields
	       Gb                        F
	And Guevara dies encased in his ideals
	       Bb/F                                     C
	And as Luther King's predictions fade from view
	        F       Bb
	We came through
	        F       Bb
	We came through
	        F       Bb
	We came through
	        F              Bb
	We came riding through
	fade to end