The Bridge

	Am                        G
	I've watched her from the river banks
	  Dm                Em
	I knew her when she danced with dreams
	      Bb                  Am
	White doves were there to dress her hair
	    Bb         E
	And so was Madelaine.
	   Am                 G
	At night the peoples' faces danced
	     Dm               Em
	Like pearls colliding on the breasts
	   Bb               Am
	Of Fat Marie, whose thunder laugh
	    Esus4  E           Am
	Was just a thread from crying
	    F                   C
	Her sailors stained her cobblestones
	     F        Em7      F      Em7
	With wine and piss and deft desires
	    F                   C
	And sometimes blood for Madelaine
	      Bb               E
	Whose laughter was the night
	A                          G
	Her girls would lift their dresses high
	    D           C         D        C
	And breathe the stars and kiss the sky
	      A                 G
	She'd smother them with whispers then
	  F                   Esus4 E
	Embrace them with her sighs
	  Am              G
	Before the bottle dulled my eyes
	    Dm           Em
	and made me so I couldn't stand
	    Bb          Am
	I'd overact and play the clown
	     Bb       E      Am
	When Madelaine would cry
	    F                C
	And now I watch from river banks
	  F        Em7       F   Em7
	I watch it weave its memories
	      F                     Em
	White doves turned grey and flew away
	And so did Madelaine.