Montague Terrace (In Blue)

	(Am G) x2
	Verse 1
	Am                        G
	The little clock's stopped ticking now
	Am                    G
	We're swallowed in the stomach room
	Fm                C 
	The only sound to tear the night
	               Dm           E
	Comes from the man upstairs
	Am                    G
	His bloating belching figure stomps
	Am                   G
	He may crash through the ceiling soon
	Fm                   C
	The window sees trees cry from cold
	    Dm            E
	And claw the moon
	A          D
	But we know don't we?
	G             A  
	And we'll dream won't we?
	F       C
	Of Montague Terrace in blue
	(Am G) x2
	Verse 2
	Am                  G
	The girl across the hall makes love
	Am                         G
	Her thoughts lay cold like shattered stone
	Fm                     C
	Her thighs are full of tales to tell
	           Dm                 E
	Of all the nights she's known
	Am                    G
	Your eyes ignite like cold blue fire
	Am                   G
	The scent of secrets everywhere
	Fm                   C
	A fist filled with illusions
	         Dm            E
	Clutches all our cares
	repeat chorus
	(Am G) to fade
	While the chord sequence is fairly straightforward the arrangement
	plays around with suspended ninths of each of the verse chords (the 
	da-da-daa-da-da motif),  If you are feeling ambitious then you could
	try and include that motif in your chords structure like this:
	Am               G
	 1   2   3   4   1   2   3   4