It's Raining Today

	It's raining today and I'm just about to forget
	          Gb(add9)   Dbsus4(add9)
	The train window girl
	That wonderful day we met
	      Cb(add13)                    Db(add9)
	She smiles through the smoke from my cigarette
	It's raining today but once there was summer and you
	        Gb(add9)      Dbsus(add9)
	And dark little rooms
	And sleepin' late afternoons
	      Cb(add13)             Db(add9)
	Those moments descend on my window pane
	Emaj7     /G         A
	I've hung around too long
	G#m                            G#
	Listenin' to the old landlady's hard luck stories
	Emaj7      /G     A          
	You out of me, me out of you
	   Cmaj7         E        /Eb Db            /Cb
	We go like lovers to replace the empty space
	A                    Eb       Ab
	Repeat our dreams to someone new
	It's raining today and I watch the cellophane streets
	           Gb(add9)            Dbsus4(add9)  Db(add9) 
	No hangups for me, 'cos hangups need company
	    Cb(add13)                   Db(add9)
	The street-corner girl's a cold trembling leaf
	     Cb(add13)           Db(add9)
	It's raining today, it's raining today