Boy Child

	Intro: C/G Gmaj7 C/G Gmaj7
	C/G                  Gmaj7
	You lose your way, a boy child rides upon you back
	C/G                   Gmaj7
	Take him away through mirrors dark and blessed with cracks
	Bm                A          C                 Bb
	Through forgotten courtyards where you used to search for you
	C/G                  Gmaj7                  
	Old gets a new life, reach out, you can touch, it's true
	C/G               Gmaj7
	He's not a shadow of shadows like you, you see
	C/G                        Gmaj7
	Hearts hold on holding, if you stay one you'll stay free
	Bm          A        C             Bb
	Go seek the lady who will give not take away
	C/G                  Gmaj7
	Naked with stillness on the edge of dawn she stays
	C/G                  Gmaj7
	Night starts to empty that's when her song begins
	C/G                    Gmaj7
	She'll make you happy, she'll take you deep within
	Bm            A              C                  Bb
	Window lights for wanderers, hide heart in your swollen eyes
	C/G                Gmaj7                     
	Echoes of laughter hide in the city's thighs
	C/G Gmaj7 C/G Gmaj7
	C/G                        Gmaj7                        
	Love catch these fragments swirling through the winds of night
	C/G                 Gmaj7
	What can it cost to give a boy child back his sight?
	Bm         A                  C                 Bb
	Extensions through dimensions leave you feeling cold and lame
	C/G                       Gmaj7
	Boy child mustn't tremble 'cos he came without a name