Nite Flights

	Intro: A(add9) A(add9)/F# A(add9)/E A(add9)/F# x2
	Em         A7
	There's no hold
	The moving has come through, the danger brushing you
	Turns its face into the heat and runs the tunnels
	It's so cold
	The dark dug up by dogs
	The stitches torn and broke
	The raw meat fist you choke
	Has hit the bloodlite
	D(add9)                       C(add9)
	Glass traps open and close on nite flights
	D(add9)                            Am
	Broken necks feather weights press the walls
	D(add9)                        C(add9)
	Be my love, we will be gods on nite flights
	D(add9)                           Am
	Only one promise, only one way to fall
	D(add9) C(add9) D(add9) Am x2
	Repeat chorus, ad-lib to fade