The Amorous Humphrey Plugg

	Verse 1
	Am                 E7/G#                  E
	Hello Mr Big Shot, say you're looking smart
	Gm                    F                 Em              A
	I've had a tiring day, I took the kids along to the park
	D                        A      G
	You've become a stranger, every night with the boys
	          A          G
	Got a new suit, that old smiles come back
	      D        C
	And I kiss the children goodnight
	      D     F                     E
	And I slip away on the newly-waxed floor
	Verse 2
	Am                  E7/G#              E
	I've become a giant, I fill every street
	Gm                      F                         Em               A
	I dwarf the rooftops, I hunchback the moon, stars dance at my feet
	D                      A          G
	Leave it all behind me, screaming kids on my knee
	        A     G
	And the telly swallowing me
	        D          C
	And the neighbours shouting next door
	        D      F                         E
	And the subway trembling the rollerskate floor
	Chorus 1
	A                    D
	I seek the buildings blazing with moonlight
	E(#5)       A
	Enchanting Way
	Their very eyes seem to suck you in with their laughter
	E(#5)         A
	They seems to say:
	F#m            Em F#m       E              D
	You're alright now so stop awhile behind a smile
	Enchanting Way
	Verse 3
	Am                   Em7/G#              E
	Oh to die of kisses, ecstasies and charms
	Gm                      F                    Em                A
	Pavements of poets will write that I died in nine angels' arms
	D                        A        G
	And they all were smiling still seductive as sin
	         A        G
	In their eyes the man I had been no more
	D         C                        D
	Hard luck stories to wear, nothing left
	   F                         E
	To give why the hell should I care?
	Chorus 2
	A                   D
	Anna's my smile and Mary's my shadow
	E(#5)       A
	Enchanting Way
	And with her cellophane sighs Doreen of the candles
	E(#5)      A
	Begs me to stay
	F#m            Em F#m       E              Dsus4 D
	You're alright now so stop awhile behind a smile
	            Asus4 A Aadd9 A
	Enchanting Way