Get Behind Me

	Intro: Bbadd9(no 3rd)
	verse 1
	(nc - see notes)
	It's the signs as we see them, there's no thresholds at all
	There's no vows to be broken as we rise and we fall
	There's no noise high above us as the moon turns in space
	Just the face of a lady who we loved for her grace
	F             Eb/F
	Get behind me, get behind
	Won't you bend my ear again?
	                      F /Eb /Bb
	I really need a friend
	F             Eb/F
	Get behind me, get behind me
	Remind me to remind me
	Not to go back there again
	verse 2
	         Bb                      Ab/Bb
	When the threads of dark moments start to tremble with sound
	Gb/Bb                              Bb               
	And an almost formed whisper dies, the boundaries surround
	We keep reaching beyond us through the shape-shifting clouds
	Gb/Bb                              Bb
	Why ain't I like you, brother, so electric, so proud
	chorus repeat
	verse 3
	       Bb                    Ab/Bb
	Set us free of this being so we'll be once again
	Gb/Bb                           Bb
	So we won't feel the gravity of time
	And the face in the faces of the loves we move through
	Gb/Bb                   Bb
	Reappears in original design
	chorus repeat to fade
	There is an ostinato guitar figure which is used in the intro
	and the first verse.  It goes something like this:
	Capo 1st fret
	-------4---------------4-------4-  X2
	-----5-----5---------5-----5-----  then repeat first measure
	If you keep your capo on the first fret then the chords for the verse
	can be conveniently fingered thus:
	Bb    x07650
	Ab/Bb x05430
	Gb/Bb x03210
	Bb    x02220
	And the chorus:
	F     076400
	Eb/F  054200
	Bb7   002020
	F     022100
	Or you could sing the whole thing a semitone lower and discard the capo