On Your Own Again

	Intro: E Emaj7 Bm7
	(nc)        E
	Wasn't it a good year?
	F#m            E
	Wasn't filled with talking
	Bmaj7          E                Bmaj7             E
	It still moves through my heart from time to time
	Bm7        E
	City after city
	F#m           E
	Granite grey as morning
	Bmaj7       E          Bmaj7
	Heroes died in subways left behind
	E               D
	Far behind like our love
	Your on your own again
	And you're your best again
	That's what you tell yourself
	I see it all the way
	G#m       C#m          D
	As far as anyone could see
	Except when it began
	I was so happy
	                   Fmaj7 Dmaj13
	I didn't feel like me