Intro: G/D D G/D D
	G              G(add9)
	Hope for me, I hope for you
	      Am(add9)/G        Gmaj7             Gm(add9) Fmaj7 Ebmaj7 D/A
	We're snowdrops falling through the night
	      G           G(add9)
	We'll melt away before we land
	   Am(add9)/G        Gmaj7      Gm(add9) Fmaj7 
	To teardrops for somebody's hand
	Cm7       Bbmaj7    Am7             /D
	Follow me into just one more Spring
	F#         B/F#
	Copenhagen you're the end
	Gone and made me child again
	Warmed my feet beneath cold sheets
	Dyed my hair with your sunny streets
	Amaj7    D/A              E/A      Amaj7
	Children aren't afraid to love and laugh
	          F#m7   Em/G
	When life amuses them
	And our love is an antique song
	               D/A E/A  A
	For children's carou----sels
	A Amaj7 D/A E7/A to fade