Black Sheep Boy
(Tim Hardin)

	Intro: Db...Ab...Ab...Db...
	Verse 1
	Db                       Ab
	Here I am back home again and I'm here to rest
	Db                              Ab                 Db  /C
	All they ask is where I've been, knowing I've been west
	Bbm             Ab
	I'm the family's unowned boy
	Gb              Db
	Golden curls of envy hair
	Db     /C              /Bb   /Ab
	Pretty girls with their faces fair
	Ab                   Db
	See the shine in the black sheep boy
	Verse 2
	Db                                 Ab
	If you love me let me live in peace and please understand
	         Db                                  Ab                  Db  /C
	That the black sheep can wear a golden fleece and hold a winning hand
	repeat chorus
	Instr: chords as for one verse and chorus
	Verse 1
	Chorus x2