'Til The Band Comes In

	Intro: Bb(add9)
	Verse 1
	Here on the outskirts of life
	Bb(add9)                         Gm    C     C#m
	It's a world with the voice of a caretaker's wife
	F#m           Bm     E             Em
	I'm leaving tomorrow, don't let it bring you down
	G            Gmaj7           G7 
	Stick around and around and around and around
	         C    G     Bb         C        G      Bb
	'Til the band comes in and the clouds begin to open
	         Gm   Dm    Ab        Gm        Dm     Ab
	'Til the band comes in and we hear them all as one
	        C    G Bb          C       B           G
	I'll be back a-gain if you promise that you'll write me
	         Gm   Dm    Ab      Gm  A  Gm  A  Gm
	When the band comes rollin' in
	Verse 2
	          Bb(add9)                  Gm
	Keep your friends with their windows so high
	Bb(add9)                          Gm           C    C#m
	Keep your city with children that shine through its eye
	       F#m        Bm          E                   Em
	If you need me to move through you know where I'm found
	G          Gmaj7             G7
	Still alive with my subhuman sound to the ground
	Repeat Chorus
	Verse 3
	The times we sat and sang of all the hidden things we knew
	Did they ever come up true?  I can't remember... can't remember
	And it's time to sing a song across the emptiness between us
	And remember
	Repeat chorus to fade